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That's right, we've got !! one big hundo !! seamless music loops for you to jam out to, OR jam into your own work! Crunchy synth textures, aggressively distorted drums, delay for days -- plenty to chow down on here.

Note: the Soundcloud preview playlist does NOT loop seamlessly. RUDE, I know 😡


> what why. why 100 loops
I created these loops in celebration of #looptober 2021, except instead of a loop a day, I set a moonshot goal of 100 loops for the entire month, just to see if I could. Cool news: I live on the moon now 🌚

> wow neat! what did u use???
The vast majority of these loops were composed with an Arturia KeyStep Pro hardware sequencer, with the sounds generated by software synths and effects in Reason 12 (shoutouts to Europa and Scream 4 in particular, love too distort e̴͎̰̿͑v̸͔͗̀e̴̞͘ȑ̵̭͎y̸͔̏̾ ̸̯͍͂̈́ṯ̶̙̽h̷͈̞͌į̵̻̇͝n̴̞̦̕g̷̞̿), and my beloved Valhalla reverb and Soundtoys plugins. Very occasionally I throw in some electric bass (kisses to my perfect darling Fender Mustang), and exactly one time there's a phone recording of an acoustic guitar and thigh slappin'.

> so cool!! i want to use a loop in my own project how do i ???
Glad you asked! I'm releasing these loops under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. This means you can use or remix any of these loops in personal or commercial projects, as long as you provide credit in the following form:

[Track Name] by Studio Meow Meow (CC BY)

It doesn't have to be exactly that, but make sure all the elements of track name, the artist "Studio Meow Meow", a link to this page, and the license itself (that's the "CC BY" part) are there. This is not optional! If you mess this up, you get bad karma. 😤

Anyway!! If you end up using something from this loop variety pack in a project, drop it in the comments -- I'd love to see it!!

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Used one of these loops for our entry in the 20 Second Game Jam, thanks so much!



Just a tip - a lot of software won't loop mp3s seamlessly, which is why most other asset makers will provide them as .wav and .ogg (for compressed). If I were to loop these in my video project, I would have to convert them first. Luckily, I just needed a 10-second-ish track for an intertitle. I'll link it once the video is done!


Used some of your tunes in my latest game! https://bloomzeye.itch.io/cupids-tiny-builder

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Thanks for these! I ended up using a bunch of loops in my spooky/comedy Trijam project (menu, good ending(s), bad ending). Let me know what you think if you check it out!



WHOA that was fast, very cool! so happy you found something to fit the vibe 👻


THIS IS CRAZY meeting is my fav one TY for sharing this


yw, thank you for checking it out !! 🤗